How to use Roaim's secure private dns to get rid of ads

by roaim on 2021-04-14

For Android Pie (9) and above: - Go to settings and search for 'Private DNS'. It's probably in the Settings > Network and Internet > Private DNS - You will probably find 3 options i.e. Off, Automatic and Private DNS provider hostname. - In the input field of Private DNS provider hostname type: Done! Enjoy ads free browsing experience. For Android below Pie (9) - Download the Intra app from Google Play store: - Open the Intra app - Go to the Settings of the Intra app - Open: Select DNS over HTTPS Server - Check: Custom Server URL - In the input field type: - Go back to Home page of Intra app and hit the switch button to turn on the secure DNS tunnel. Enjoy! ads free browsing.

How Roaim's Blog was Built?

by root on 2020-07-15

This Blog is the outcome of my learning of Python and Flask in just 1 week. I went through the following 3 processes to complete Roaim's Blog: 1. Development 2. DNS Configuration 3. Deployment 1. Development * Roaim's Blog was developed using python's flask framework and jinja template engine. * Sqlite was used as a database. * Wheel was used to generate production distribution package. 2. DNS Configuration * Google DNS was used as a DNS provider. * Sub-Domain was registered as a Dynamic DNS Synthetic Record * Dynamic DNS record was updated on EC2's startup(Actions->choose Instance Settings->View/Change User Data) by calling Google DNS rest api using curl 3. Deployment * Waitress was used to run WSGI production server * Systemd was used to run flask app as a system service * AWS EC2 ubuntu instance was used to deploy Roaim's Blog * Webmin was used to manage EC2 instance which is hosted at * Nginx reverse proxy was used as a gateway * Lets encrypt with certbot was used as a SSL provider

How to Use Roaim's Self Hosted VPN for Absolutely Free

by roaim on 2020-07-15

As we know is blocked in our country, I have deployed a vpn/shadow socket in my own aws server which I am going to share with the visitor of my blog. But before using you must promise that you will not use it for any unethical activities. To use it follow the following steps: 1. Install the outline app from the link below: Windows: Linux: Mac: Android: Iphone: 2. Click the add icon to add server credential 3. Now copy and paste the following credential to add the vpn server ss://Y2hhY2hhMjAtaWV0Zi1wb2x5MTMwNTpyYWg3MjRAd2VibWluLnJvYWltLmFwcDo5NDM#ec2-ubuntu-vpn ** Above credential is revoked. Ask me personally to provide you the latest credential. 4. After that click the connect button to connect to the vpn server. Congratulations!

The thing I always hate in game

by ATIF on 2020-07-14

When I play a game and it's lagging!!πŸ‘ΏπŸ‘ΉπŸ˜ πŸ˜‘

The songs I hated most in my childhood

by roaim on 2020-07-14

Song 1: Hridoy amar nachere ajike mourer moto nachere a a a a a a a a a Song 2: Amar Hridoy tumi nodir moto. Showpne ghera ... dur digonter moto